Tulsa, Oklahoma-Spring 2017 BDSM/fetish wrestling tour: "FEMMEDOMME WORKSHOP SERIES: BODY MOVIN'


Have you ever been curious about fetish and BDSM?  Wanna spice up your foreplay? Come learn how to engage in safe and consensual kink practices by two professional Dominatrices! The inaugural FemmeDomme Workshop Series: Body Movin' will offer classes on Saturday, May 13 from 5-8pm. Xpressions Dungeon in Tulsa, Oklahoma will host a female-led BDSM/fetish workshop for all kink-curious people aged 18+. Tickets are available here:


and include dinner afterwards. 

Regardless of your experience, gender, or identity (dominant, switch, or submissive) you will benefit from classes focused on using the body and clothing on the body as an implement for kinky fun play! 

Topics will include the sensual side of body play (torture and worship), fetish wrestling, proper trampling, kinky combat, clothing as bondage, Queening/smothering and more! These classes will teach you the art of sexual sadism from light & playful to heavy play by using only your body. Get ready to have some fun!

Absolutely no pressure to participate, but if you choose to play on the mats, please wear comfortable workout-style clothing. 

NYC-based professional Dominatrix & fetish educator Mistress Leigh (LeighEntertainment.com) is a Tulsa-native.  She has been a fetish consultant for FOX's "THE FOLLOWING" and Dominatrix for SHOWTIME's "BILLIONS". Currently on a nation-wide BDSM/fetish tour, Mistress Leigh has been a Dominant for 19 years. She sessions with men, women, & couples and trains other professional fetish workers. A sexual freedom rights activist, she regularly volunteers her time data coding for academic sex research and training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

Mistress Mia Darque (JustSayRed.com) is a 6'3" lifestyle and professional Dominant based out of Oklahoma  Raised in Cleveland, Ohio with Northern sensibilities and transplanted to Mississippi to pick up some southern ones, Mistress Mia Darque has been an active member of Xpressions of Tulsa and former member of Impact of Memphis. With her hands in more than BDSM, Mistress Mia Darque is also known as a fetish artist, DJ and nerd supreme.