Spring 2017 BDSM/fetish wrestling tour

May 1-16 Tulsa, St. Louis, South Eastern Missouri

              May 13- Mistress Leigh presents FemmeDomme Workshop Series: Body Movin'       

                                          @ Xpressions Dungeon    Tulsa, OK

May 17-24 Los Angeles, CA

              Wednesday, May 17 Industry-Only Seminar BODY MOVIN' for fetish professionals

                                      @ DomCon LA   Los Angeles, CA

Body Movin’ is a workshop dedicated to teaching safe practices for fetish workers in using the body itself as a Domination implement. Topics to be taught:

*basic health and safety negotiation, safe words & gestures               *basics of wrestling  

*trampling, ball-busting, smothering                *forced body worship as Domination

*scissor holds, submission holds, chokes                                *trash talk & aftercare

Attendees are encouraged to come in comfortable workout-style clothing if they wish to workshop techniques on the wrestling mats. A demo partner is not required (but welcome) as I will be teaching both top and bottom sides of the technique to accommodate professional tops, bottoms, and switches.

May 25-31 San Francisco, CA